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I achieved my third Orchid Leadership promotion. I can tell you now, I have never worked and pushed so hard for something as I did this achievement. The feeling when I did was unreal, I was and still am so damn proud of myself for this achievement. It also meant I had my first ever 5 Figure commission payment from the company that month. 5 figures, in one month, at 21 years old. Wow.

Nov 2020


Realisation of what I was missing from my beauty business - a group of amazing women all wanting the best for one another. Something I now was so grateful to have in my NWM business, something even better than any financial gain. A passion for wanting to see one another succeed and smash  goals, from the second you first meet or connect.

Feb 2021

My Journey.

I am a business coach, offering support and guidance to female entrepreneurs to achieve all of your goals. Giving you the confidence to believe in yourself - to achieve all of your dreams, goals & business plans.

Meet Me

Meet me.

Hey, I’m Paige. I am passionate about all things business, Instagram, personal growth oh, and bottomless brunching with the girls. 


I started my very first business at just 17 and now have found clarity with purpose in business and in life. It took 5 years of being an entrepreneur to get me here and through my experiences and knowledge as an entrepreneur, both in a “traditional” bricks and mortar business and an online direct selling business, I want to give as many female entrepreneurs the guidance and support I have now realised I lacked in the early days of my business journey.


I’ve always loved to make people feel good, I mean who doesn’t love to see people smile. At my salon, I found a love to make people feel good by making them look good on the outside. With my NWM business, I found a love to make people feel confident on the inside through coaching and mentoring them to believe in themselves.


I have used my knowledge and experiences in business to create mini business courses on everything from marketing strategies to overcoming an overwhelming workload. As well as striving to give women the confidence to believe in themselves and all they are capable of achieving. 


Through my network marketing business I have now been supporting and coaching females in their business growth for over 18 months, celebrating their wins with them and also mentoring them in their moments of self doubt. I have also created an insane community of nearly 2000 women in this industry who cheer each other on and empower one another. I am so pleased I have now created the Support Success Group and women in all business industries can experience this. I know how it can be, trust me I have been there, the feeling of solo entrepreneurship being lonely and tough at times, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


If you are new here please get in touch for a free call. 


Welcome, I'm Paige.


My business journey started with an eyelash extension course in September 2016, just 3 months after my 17th birthday.

Sept 2016


Just 4 months after launching my salon was temporarily closed due to the UK National lockdown. This was stressful, worrying, scary, I still had bills to pay, both at the salon and personal, but thankfully I had my online stream of income to see me through.

March 2020


Just 18 months after my first beauty course, I quit my part time job and was officially full time self employed and totally my own boss at the age of 18.

March 2018


June 2018

I was then running with a fully booked client base, waiting lists coming out of my ears and I was so happy. It was fate I had just taken that very first course by chance, I thought I’d found my purpose.


I very first became a business partner with a network marketing company. I joined this company to retail the products to my beauty clients, I didn’t really understand what network marketing was and the structure of it. It fizzled out in March 2019 and I wasn’t bothered by it.

Jan 2019


I then opened my very own Beauty Salon, at just 20 years of age. This was my biggest achievement to date, I couldn’t believe I had done it. With rent a chair nail techs providing then a third stream of income.

Dec 2019


And so,

Paige Cook Coaching was born. 

 March 2021


My Journey.


Something inside me sparked and I decided to give the same NWM company another shot. This very quickly became a very strong, very reliable second stream of income. What was crazy was, the first time round in Jan ‘19 I could only dream of making the money I was now with the SAME business. Hear that, same business, same upline, same person (me), but that was the only thing that did change - ME. My drive, my mindset, my self belief, was what pushed me to be my best self.

Sept 2019


By May I had qualified for an all expenses paid trip to the Maldives and achieved my second leadership promotion in my NWM business. Was I dreaming? No. Was I being rewarded for hard graft? Hell yes.

May 2020


Mission Statement.

My mission is to help support as many successful women in business as I can. Helping you to progress and overcome any challenges you may face whilst growing your business. 


Missing from my beauty business was the guidance and support you get from having a network of cheerleaders behind you, this is what I am blessed to now have with my network marketing business. So I have created the Success Support Group to do exactly that for you. 


A forum to celebrate our wins, shout about our success, lift one another up and help advise one another in any time of need. 


It is so important to have guidance in your business, this is where the support and complete coaching programmes come in. Whether it’s supporting the future direction of your business, managing profitability and money making tactics, boosting customer deals, encouraging coping mechanisms for any moments or encouraging coping mechanisms for any moments of overwhelment or just encouraging self-belief and uncovering your potential. or just encouraging self-belief and uncovering your potential. I am right here by your side on this crazy business roller-coaster with you. 


My 1-1 coaching/mentoring is tailored to your specific business, needs, struggles, feelings, plans and goals. It is time to create that dream business you’ve been dreaming of. 

"There are so many words I could use to describe Paige. She has a heart of gold and is truly inspiring female. She has helped me to have a positive outlook on how I run and develop in my business which has also helped me grow in confidence as a person. Paige is so approachable and always has encouraging and empowering advice to give. True, genuine BOSS BABE!"


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