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Hi everyone my name is Abbie, I am a 31 year old mum to two girls and I have been in the network marketing industry for nearly 5 years but FM speciafically for 14 months which is crazy I can't believe how fast the time is going!

My background is customer service and hospitality and I also dabbled in makeup which I still love doing to this day! I worked mainly in hotels and eventually ended up in airport hotel night management which by the way I hated it! The long hours, the no sleep, being told what to do all the time and not having any time with my family let alone a social life just become way to much and I actually ended up being signed off of work for the forseeable due to mental health which lead me to FM back in Nov 2019!

I am so excited for this coaching programme I have been looking for an online coach that aligns with me for so long now and when I come across Paige for the first time about a month ago now and she was talking about launching this programme I knew straight away she was the one for me plus shes a cancer (I am obsessed with star signs dont ask and I swear Im not a stalker I saw this information somewhere and I have no idea where now lol!) and I am most compatiable with cancers haha! Want to talk about star signs hit me up, I am here for it haha!

Anyways I am so excited to meet new people, I like to talk if you haven't already noticed and I cant wait to embrace an entire new community of like minded and successful woman! Heres to us all living and being the best versions of ourselves👑

Abigail Finney

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