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If the name didn't already give it away... I'm Paige the founder of Paige Cook Coaching!

You've probably read the home page of the website already and know all about my crazy business journey so far, that has now led me to launching Paige Cook Coaching alongside my many other ventures. So let me tell you about me, myself and I instead.

I am the proud mumma to a cheeky little mini dachshund puppy, Milo. I adore my dressing gown and slippers. I love bottomless brunching (and any event that involves prosecco n cocktails basically). I am my best self when in the sun with my feet in the sand (ok that's a lie I hate sand BUT I for sure love a holiday).

And most of all, I am passionate about all things female empowerment. Seeing other women thriving, winning, claiming success and building boss ass businesses is what lights me up.

So I am so glad you and your boss ass business have found their way to this platform. Can't wait to chat with you soon - please use the pink chat box in the bottom left corner any time to give me a message!

Paige Cook

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